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New Coaching Course Date Scheduled for:

DFB/ UEFA C Course: July 1-20, 2024! 

DFB/ UEFA B Course: July 1-26, 2024!


Learn the methodology that lead Germany to win four FIFA World Cups



A Good Coach Can Change a game,
A Great Coach Can Change A Life

UEFA DFB C License

The course is limited to 25 coaches.


UEFA DFB B License

The course is limited to 25 coaches.


Course Location: Duisburg, Germany

Take your coaching career to the next level


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, the courses are open to coaches from everywhere.
We can only accept 24 coaches per either B or C course. Please fill out the COACHING LICENSE COURSES FORM to be considered for the course and to receive more information.
Yes. Since the DFB has a very rigorous and strict format and a good standing in Europe, candidates that pass their B- License with a grade 2- (B-) will qualify for the A- License Course in e.g. England, Scotland, Ireland, etc. The DFB is currently not offering an International (English Speaking) UEFA DFB A-License but it is in working progress.
Once you pass the UEFA DFB C-License with a recommendation from the BFV, you will be eligible to apply the following year for the UEFA DFB B-License.

The UEFA DFB B-License allows you to apply directly for the USSF B-License

  1. All tours and coaching course cancellations must be submitted in writing to: [email protected] no later than four (4) months prior to the trip date. GSD incurs immediate expenses upon each trip booking that are not recoverable or refundable to GSD. Therefore, all trip deposits and payments delivered to GSD are non-refundable. GSD will not issue any credit or refund any monies in the event that the trip is canceled due to accidents, injuries, loss of employment, sickness or even death of a loved one and or any other reasons considered personal. GSD may, at its sole and absolute discretion, offer a trip voucher for a different GSD trip if a cancellation is received no later than four (4) months prior to the trip date. Cancellations received within four (4) months of the trip date shall be non-refundable and no refund, credit or voucher will be considered.
  2. Cancellation notices received within 4 months of trip start date accompanied by a written certificate from a licensed medical doctor establishing an injury to the player that prohibits participation during the term of the scheduled trip shall be considered for a trip voucher, on a case by case basis, and at the sole and absolute discretion of GSD. All decisions regarding such medical based cancellations by GSD shall be final. GSD offers medical insurance (via a third-party provider) for all participants in the trip who are part of our traveling group. The cost of basic medical insurance is covered by GSD. GSD will additionally provide an option for you to purchase an upgrade to your insurance policy for unforeseen events such as trip cancellation at the time of your insurance form submission, which GSD encourages everyone to take advantage of.
  3. GSD will not issue any refund, credit or voucher in event that a trip is canceled due to storm or inclement weather, war, political instability, any other safety-related, or other Acts of God that, at our sole and absolute discretion, constitutes a danger to our players and the family members traveling with them. Your payment is acknowledgement that you have fully READ and ACCEPTED given TERMS and CONDITIONS.
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