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Frequently Asked Questions.


Upon receipt of your deposit, our team will initiate intake. Once completed, you will be sent a welcome email along with invitations to access your Billing and Documentation portals. We kindly request that you review the provided information and promptly provide any required details to facilitate the efficient handling of paperwork and logistical arrangements.

Please be advised that our systems have recently undergone updates. While we strive for uninterrupted functionality, we appreciate your understanding and patience as we fine-tune any minor intricacies that may arise.

The GSD package pertains specifically to the invited player and includes all the designated features and services.

Our GSD package includes:

  • – Ground transportation
  • – 3 meals a day
  • – Lodging (room and board)
  • – Uniform

For parents or guardians who wish to accompany, we offer a separate parent/guardian/non-participant package.
This comprehensive package grants you unrestricted access to scheduled activities, hotel accommodations, meals, transportation, as well as games and training sessions.

Non-participant packages are optional and entirely at the discretion of the family

Not at this time.
However, we have arranged  Group Flights as a courtesy to our participants. In order to secure your spot on the Group Flight, it is mandatory to sign up using the Block Flight form accessible through your Document portal (once available). Once you have completed the sign-up process, you will receive detailed instructions regarding your reservation, including the procedure for purchasing your ticket.Group flight reservations are open to both Package participants and non-package participants.

Please note: this is optional as some families may choose to fly independently.

Similar to the majority of online accounts, our system strictly permits the use of a single email address. We recommend establishing a shared family email account, ensuring that everyone has access. Kindly notify us after creating the family email account so that we can promptly update all our systems accordingly.

Paperwork/ Documentation

We recommend expeditiously completing all necessary documentation as soon as possible.You may upload passport information anytime after.
Certain nations stipulate that your passport must remain valid for a minimum of six months beyond the duration of your journey. It is important to note that specific airlines may deny boarding should this prerequisite not be satisfied.We strongly advise allocating ample time for the passport renewal procedure.

International Travel Agreement: Yes, it is mandatory for all package participants and/or parents/ guardians fill the International Travel Agreement, this includes staff members. 

If your child is traveling as an unaccompanied minor, you will need to fill the Consent to Travel form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the Consent to Travel form should be given to your travel companion on day of travel.

If you (parent/ guardian) is traveling with your child and/or the group, you will not need the Consent to Travel form. 

Billing/ documentation portal

Upon successful payment of your deposit, you will receive a welcome email, along with invitations to access your Billing and Document portals. In the event that you are unable to locate these invites, kindly reach out to your designated GSD representative via email for further assistance as soon as possible. 
Kindly review the billing tab on your documentation portal.

Locking roster seats within the GSD program without fulfilling obligations can create a negative impact on the team. Hence, deposits are non-refundable.

Not at this time. 

To review our policy as agreed at time of deposit payment, please click here.

Flights/ Travel

A Group Block, or Block Flight, refers to a reserved set of tickets for a specific flight, typically purchased by an organization like GSD! 

No need to worry, we understand, everyone starts somewhere!

A feeder flight refers to a flight that operates shorter routes, transporting passengers to airports where they can connect to long-distance flights. It’s like a convenient city-to-city hop.

Please see instructions below:

-Email: [email protected]


-Specify Trip Name

-Names on Reservation

You will receive a confirmation email that your request has been submitted.

Please note: If you choose to execute a reservation via the GSD BLOCK FORM and opt NOT TO USE your reservation, a charge of $100.00 (cost of ticket deposit) per traveler, will be issued against your account if you do not cancel within the due date.

Sometimes, if one parent does not have consent from the other, issues may arise. We advise parents to contact the Embassy in the country they are traveling to for more information. You may also visit the official government website HERE for additional information.

Certainly! Parents are welcome to accompany their children on the trip. However, it’s important to note that if you are not part of the GSD package, there are certain limitations to keep in mind.If you arrive before or after the GSD group flight, there will be a designated meeting point communicated via WhatsApp on the day of travel, and you’ll have a specific 30-minute window to meet there.For those who are part of the GSD package but did not sign up for the Block Flight, rest assured that you can still board the coach buses as GSD participants. However, if you are not part of the GSD package, it will be necessary for you to make separate transportation arrangements.If you wish to book your airfare independently and desire to be on the same flight as the GSD group, you can access all the relevant flight information under the Block Flight tab on your document portal.Should you have any further inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Always, at all times. Your child’s safety is our #1 priority.
Regrettably, we are unable to facilitate one-way ticket bookings for the Group Flight at this time due to limitations by the Airlines. We kindly request that you reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss any potential options that can be made in this regard. We wish to emphasize that the GSD program is designed for intense training. While we are enthusiastic about aiding your endeavors, we regret to inform you that we are unable to provide assistance in arranging vacation plans.Thank you for your understanding.

Portugal: Pending

Cadiz: Pending

Wales: 2 hours from the airport to the facility/ hotel.

Duisburg I & II: 2 hours from the airport to the facility.


Hotel: Alvor Baia – Galo Loiro, Estr. do Alvor, 8500-001 Portimão, Portugal

Training Facility: Rotunda do Vau 8500, Portimão


Hotel: Pending

Training Facility: Pending

Duisburg I & II

Hotel & Training Facility: Sportschule Wedau –Friedrich-Alfred-Allee 15, 47055 Duisburg, Germany

A budget of $300 should be sufficient for the entire trip. While debit cards can be used, we recommend calling your bank in advance to ensure that it is an international card. Please note that American Express cards and Apple pay may not be accepted overseas.It is advisable to request Euros 1 to 2 months prior to your departure, as this will allow sufficient time for currency exchange and ensure that you have the necessary funds during your trip.
  • GSD Polo
  • GSD Joggers
  • GSD Sweatshirt

Trip/ logistics

Vaccination is not currently required. While no changes to this status are anticipated, we advise parents/guardians to stay informed about guidelines relevant to the destination country.

All the necessary information is provided in the brochure that is enclosed with your invitation.
Yes, your full itinerary will be sent via email invitation 2 weeks before departure.
Absolutely! You are always welcome to sit in on training sessions and games during the trip. As the departure date approaches, you will receive further details and updates regarding these activities.Additionally, the games will be streamed through the VEO app. To access the necessary information and download the required apps, kindly refer to the “Apps to Download Before Your Trip” section on your document portal.Please note that due to variations in internet connectivity between the EU and the US, there might be a significant  delay in uploading some games. We appreciate your understanding.
You are not required to have the package in order to sit in on MOST games and training. However, please note that certain special engagements, activities, Sport Psychology sessions, and transportation arrangements are restricted for liability and contractual reasons.Regarding parent packages, it is essential that the same parent accompanies the participant throughout the trip due to liability and insurance coverage considerations.Furthermore, you are invited to join us for the closing ceremony, but please ensure that you have reserved and purchased your tickets in advance.
Unfortunately, these are closed tours and not open to non-package participants.


A self-officiated game is an infrequent occurrence for us; however, players will receive notification when such events are scheduled.

A self-officiated game, is a match wherein players autonomously govern the regulations in the absence of an appointed referee. Within these game settings, participants assume responsibility for adjudicating fouls, validating goals, and settling disputes among themselves. The integrity of fair play is sustained through a reliance on sportsmanship and mutual respect.

Room and Board

The “Single Room” option is intended for a single parent or guardian, “Double Room” option is designed for two parents and/or additional family members. 
Currently, we arrange rooming based on teammates, allowing them to foster camaraderie, develop bonds, and enhance their teamwork skills. We do not recommend parents rooming with their children as it may hinder these important aspects which are imperative in competitive sports. Please be aware that we have a strict 2-1 rule in place at all times for the safety of all minors. This means that parents are not permitted to enter players’ rooms without a GSD representative present. We understand the desire to visit your child, but this security measure is of utmost importance to us. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.

Laundry services for uniforms are consistently provided as part of the GSD package. Your coaches will communicate the specific details, including the designated day, time, and drop-off/pick-up location for the laundry.

We strongly recommend acquiring the mesh laundry bag that is suggested in our Amazon list to facilitate this process.

Additionally, please remember to clearly mark your uniform tags with your name for proper identification.

Please note: If you have personal laundry needs or if parents prefer to manage laundry independently, it’s important to be aware of a laundry fee of 10 to 35 Euros a load. We suggest considering a conveniently located Laundromat as an option.

Kindly be informed that certain locations offer gym facilities. Should players or parents intend to make use of these amenities, we recommend contacting the establishment in advance to ascertain any additional fees that might apply.
We recommend contacting the establishment in advance to ascertain late check-out time as well as if there are any additional fees that might apply.

Participants are kindly advised to exercise caution and uphold the sanctity of their allocated spaces, taking care to avoid any harm to the furnishings within their rooms. Any consumables or food items should be disposed of in a proper manner, and it is imperative to refrain from leaving any litter on the premises.

We would like to emphasize the importance of safeguarding your room key; its loss or damage could incur replacement fees of up to 20 Euros.

It is essential to acknowledge that any additional cleaning requirements or repairs necessitated by the actions of participants will result in charges that will be billed to the parent/ guardian.


In compliance with European regulations, we are unable to store or administer any medications to minors. Therefore, we kindly request that a parent accompany their child to ensure that any necessary medications are taken as prescribed.

If reminders are sufficient to assist with medication management, we are more than happy to provide them as a helpful resource.

Please note that it is crucial to provide accurate and thorough information within the Medical section of your paperwork. We assure you that no child will ever be turned away or judged based on a pre-existing medical condition. The purpose of gathering this information is to adequately prepare our staff and ensure the well-being of all participants.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the safety and health of all individuals involved in the program.

Uniforms/ Packing for the trip

All items needed are included in the GSD Uniform kit, except cleats.

We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to order your uniform via email once you have met the 75% payment threshold.

Yes! GK Uniforms are of the same kit.
Please ensure to bring all team uniforms with you, as GSD does not provide club uniforms. 
Kindly ensure to carefully follow the tutorial provided in the email accompanying your uniform code and jersey number. If you have completed the process but were still charged full price, please contact We Got Soccer directly. You will find their contact details enclosed in the uniform email you received. 
Please see packing list and amazon recommendations on provided on your documentation portal.  

Administrative staff

Kindly take note that inquiries related to operations, administration, including billing matters, should be directed to our administrative staff. For any queries pertaining to coaching or training, please contact Coach Eddie and/ or coaching staff.


To purchase additional tickets, a link will be provided via the Itinerary app.

To all parents who would like to coordinate pick up for players after the closing ceremony, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

* Subject line: Early player pick up
* Name of player
* Name of parent




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