Tommy Moon

It was a pleasure to be able to take the UEFA DFB B Coaching License with the BFV. Eddie provided American coaches an opportunity to grow their knowledge of the game and learn about the German football coaching methodology. The course provided insight into details that I would have not learned in any other environment. The course teaches you how to coach technique, tactics, periodization of a training schedule, physical strength and conditioning exercises of an elite soccer player, and creating and administering training sessions. Not only did the content of the course exceed expectations, but the accommodations were outstanding and it was a very comfortable living environment. Coaches of all different backgrounds were able to connect and network throughout the duration of the course. It was a great experience that encourages me to pursue higher licensing in the future.

Guido Riffeser

It was a great learning experience for me. What I liked the most about the course was the attention to detail and availability from the instructors. They provide specific and constructive feedback and are always available for questions and confrontation. I definitely became a better coach and applied what I learned with my college team. Thank you, Eddie and BFV for the great opportunity and experience.

Tom Lohmann

You are learning from a top class instructor that has helped many professional coaches along their way while being immersed in the German soccer culture and networking with other fellow coaches from mainly the US. In addition, all that was possible to fit into our busy schedule as coaches in only 21 days during the summer.