Lloyd Cooper

“Eddie, Angie, Ashley,
It has taken me some time to collect my thoughts around what I watched Bo experience in your program. Bo came into GSD
seeking the opportunity to learn from great teachers to improve his skills at soccer. While he had no clear idea of how he might fit
in with his skill level, he was determined to try his best and learn as much as he could.
What he experienced was very different from what we expected. What Bo experienced was like a masterclass in how to grow as a
young person. Yes, the soccer instruction was at the highest level he had ever seen. But you shifted his perspective. Instead of
centering first on himself, you providing a structure for him to build relationships with trust. You guided him to focus on the joy
that brought him to soccer in the first place, and then to apply himself with discipline and respect to serve those around him.
Bo exceeded my expectations over these past weeks by such a distance that I still cannot comprehend it. Through your program,
he centered on his goals. He built relationships with other incredible young men. He put his head down and worked as a team to
push through whatever challenges on the field. He played with passion and all his heart. And he strengthened his perspective
around how to apply the gifts that he has been given to live his life.
Our family wanted to thank every member of the GSD family for this wonderful experience.”

Orlando Perez

“… wanted to take this time to thank you both individually for everything that you have done for my son. He is already living in
Valencia, Spain on his own at the young age of 14. I can honestly say that he is truly happy and he is living his dream. I believe
that his experience in Rome and in Duisburg were an integral part of his development. I know he was the team captain for both
teams (Rome & Duisburg) and that was something that he not only took very seriously but was honored to represent GSD. This
was a very big deal to him and our family as well, especially knowing that he was surrounded by great players…”